Byaasgaard Micro-Farming

In our fields, we grow fruit and vegetables inspired by regenerative methods.

Here grow @lehnertpernille fresh unsprayed greens according to ECO and regenerative principles. 

This means that we do everything we can to take good care of our land and the life that lives there. Therefore, we turn and disturb the soil as little as possible, and we make sure to feed the micro-life with organic material throughout the season, and never chemicals.


You are very welcome to take a walk through the field, you can smell, feel, look and ask us about big and small things - The current products can be bought here in the farm shop or tasted in the Farm Cafe.

Follow Pernille's daily life on Insta Here: @byaasgaard.mikrolandbrug

We have over 20 different varieties in the field and we experiment with both organic, biodynamic and old varieties.


We keep the ground covered - right now with plastic sheeting - to avoid erosion and drying out. At the same time, it helps us keep weeds down. In the long term, we must cover the ground with organic material, e.g. compost, grass clippings and the like. 

At the same time, of course, we grow a lot of delicious food for people.

Questions for vegetables and micro-farming