The Byaas - a respite in nature

Hytter, Høns, Får, camping & Komforttelte - ud til vandet

At Byaasgaard in North Zealand, you can run away for a while from everyday life.

Byaasgaard has luxury tents, cabins and old-fashioned tent camping. In our kiosk we sell local goods, ice cream, breakfast, local beer, the absolutely basic and "what you just need". 

Buy locally

At Byaas, we primarily shop with local goods in our kiosk / cafe

Tents & Cabins

Family Safari Tent
Comfort Tents
Bunk-Bed og Byaas-cabins and more

The green choice

We focus on climate, environmental and socially responsible initiatives


Simple pricing

The Water

We are located in scenic surroundings and right down to the water/fjord, with own jetty


Family Safari Tent, Tent wagon, Byaas-cabins and more

Bæredygtig camping

Sustainable camping at Hundested

We strive to make sustainable decisions, both climatically and socially and economically, when we run and develop Byaasgaard

Among other things, we work based on the UN World Goals


Community at Halsnæs

During the summer, we host open events - such as concerts and communal meals - for the whole of Halsnæs and the surrounding area. 

With us are, campers, residents from the local area and country people welcome.

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Byaasgaard is located in the beautiful North Zealand. The site is surrounded by beautiful nature, which provides opportunitys to explore forests, lakes, coasts and the surrounding towns. 

That is why we are also a partner with the National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

Read more about the nature here