Byaasgaard is Nordic holiday
with all its imperfection and warmth of heart

Cabins, chickens and sheep // Farm Shop & Comfort Tents - right at the water's edge

#tagdigtid aka. #takeyourtime

Byaasgaard - Gården
Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping
Byaasgaard - bondegård & camping

Byaasgaard is a farm with Camping, Agriculture & Farm Shop - right by the water

Camping, Boat bridge, Sheep, Chickens & Agriculture
run according to ecological and sustainable principles 

#tagdigtid aka. #takeyourtime


Farm Shop

In The Farm Shop you will find both our own & many local foods

The Farm Shop has homemade rye bread, own eggs & breakfast plate

Bathing bridge

We are located in scenic surroundings and right down to the water/fjord, with own jetty


Simple pricing

Who we are?

Byaasgaard is a sustainable holiday where climate, environmentally and socially responsible camping are in focus

Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping
Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping

Green camping north of Copenhagen

At Byaasgaard, we aim to use the most sustainable solutions when we develop our company.

We want to minimize our climate footprint and thus create the opportunity for our guests to have a climate-friendly holiday at Byaasgaard.

Vi tager udviklingen skridt for skridt og kommer man mon nogensinde i mål? Men vi arbejder målrettet ud fra fire verdensmål.

FN verdensmål

Community at Halsnæs

During the summer, we host open events - such as concerts and communal meals - for the whole of Halsnæs and the surrounding area.

With us are, campers, residents from the local area and country people welcome.

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musik på campingpladsen

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