The practicality @ Byaas

Map of the area

Check In / Out
Check in - in the Farm Shop

Check in – from 14-18
Check Out - before 11
fællesbad / familiebad

Shared kitchens

There are two kitchens at Byaasgaard

In the old barn there is a cozy large communal kitchen.

At "Engen" (the meadow) there is a communal kitchen with a large terrace outside, here you will also find a fridge for free use by tent campers. 

Both kitchens are equipped with hobs, kitchen sinks and seating/dining areas.

Bathrooms and toilets

There is toilets and showers placed at 3 spots at Byaasgaard

In the old stable on the farm, there is a bathroom and toilet. There are rooms with both adult and children's toilets, as well as changing tables for small children - in both the men's and women's sections.

In addition to the facilities on the farm, there is a bath and toilet, as well as a kitchen in a central building on the "meadow", closer to the water.

And there is also a building with toilets and showers in "the Forest"


Everywere on the site

Free WiFi at the farm - we go offline in the rest of Byaasgaard!

We sort garbage – household, paper, cardboard and glass – there is an environmental station just inside to the right of the boom. 

Dogs and cats is very welcome on the site, on a leash.

There is silence on the square between 23 and 07 and

No motoring from 22.00-7.00 – wherethe gate is also closed

Family bathroom and laundry

Byaasgaard has family bathrooms that are also handicap-friendly.

All family rooms are equipped with double shower, sink and toilet.

The bathrooms are in the old cowshed. There is also a washer and dryer.

Late Check Out

Check out and departure is before kl. 11.00.

If you want to stay longer, you can, if the place is available, purchase a late departure, so you can stay until 18.00. During the summer holidays, it will not be possible to purchase an additional late departure.

Departure in cabins and tents is before 11.00 as they must be cleaned thoroughly so that they are clean and tasty until the next guest arrives.

Early Check In

You can check in from kl. 14.00. 

If you wish to arrive earlier than 2 p.m., you can, if the space is available, purchase early arrival, so you can arrive from 09.00. I sommerferien vil det ikke være muligt at tilkøbe sen afrejse.

Arrival in cabins and tents is from kl. 14.00 as they must be thoroughly cleaned so that they are clean and delicious when you arrive.

Camping in '64

We stick to history and protect nature, while developing the farm

Back in 1964, the campground was just a pasture. Today, nature and the fjord are still some of the best at Byaas 

Camping siden 1964