Byaasgaard Farm Shop

Byaasgaard's farm shop is local drinks and food items. You will also find local products such as ceramics, yarns and beauty products. 

“Signes own” home-baked rye bread,
Byaasgaard's own home-baked rye bread made from sourdough and from local flour Nordsjællands fællesmølleri (North Zealand's joint mill) - Freshly baked daily. 

Seasonal green & local cheese and sausages
We have seasonal greens from our neighbor Landshop & from Sølager værksteder, workshops, which are for people on the edge of the labor market.
We have the most delicious cheeses from Tothaven and spiced sausages & grilled sausages from our neighbor Ellingegaard.  

EGGS from own hens
Our chickens are fed exclusively organic feed - buy them in the shop or at farm sales out of season. We don't have that many - but they are good!

Morning Plate & Breakfast
In the Farm Shop we serve a delicious local breakfast plate, with own eggs, freshly baked bread and local cheese / sausage.
Remember - you can order breakfast every day. Order at Farm shop

Natural Wine
Check out our selection from Garbolund Naturvin - Local Natural Wine produced in Annisse v. Arresø.
We have selected something that is exactly right for summer evenings!

What exactly is natural wine (Danish) - click HERE? 

We also have locally produced ice cream from Isøre Icecream & Tothaven. Local roasted coffee, Beer from Det våde får (the wet Sheep) and Halsnæs brewery.


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Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping
Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping
Byaasgaard - Gårdbutik & Camping | Farm shop & Camping
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